Pudel von der Herbordsburg

Poodels Standard, Miniature and Dwarf- fawn (red & apricot)

About us

Since I was a child dogs have been my best friends. My first dog was a Dachshund.

In 1973 my family, husband, children and I, adopted our first pedigreed dog – Dina vom Moenchsteich – a black Poodle lady. We all had lots of fun with little Dina and through her we got to know and love the Poodle breeds.

When our family had to move to the city we decided to leave Dina with my parents who are living in a small town. There she had more space to run and play. We still saw her regularly and she was happy and content in her new home.

We, however, could not get by without a dog for very long but since we were living in the city we decided on a smaller breed this time – a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.

I became member of a pedigree dog club, began to visit shows, first as spectator but finally started to show dogs myself.

On the 15th of June 1983 my kennel name “von der Herbordsburg” was registered and I ventured out into one of, in my opinion, most beautiful things in the world : breeding – which I still love to this day. I became a qualified breeding attendant but always kept an eye on Poodles as well, despite my dedication to the Cavaliers, and continued to visit the Poodle show rings at every exhibition I went to.

Ever since I’d had our first Poodle I could not stop thinking about changing profession and to become a dog groomer. Therefore I started searching for a Poodle as “exercise object” for my grooming tutorials ……

After a number of fruitless attempts I eventually found an apricot Miniature Poodle girl and in December 1989 our “Graefin vom Schwaerzetal” moved in with us who later became the foundation of my apricot Miniature Poodle breeding.

But at first she was my “exercise object”. I clipped her as well as dogs from our neighbourhood and finally became a registered dog groomer with my own business in 1990. So my hobby became part of my work – a dream had come true.

In the meantime our “Graefin” grew into a nice Miniature Poodle, maybe not the most beautiful ever but she still represented her breed very well in my opinion – her colour was a vibrant apricot, her body quite elegant and for her young age she already had a beautiful head. But there was still something that show judges and myself wanted to be a bit different. I introduced her at a breeding exhibition and decided to start breeding again.

Her first litter was whelped in May 1992 from which I kept a female, Anjuli. From the second litter in May 1993 I kept Belinda and these two girls became the foundation of my two breeding lines.

Anjuli was bred to “Madari Royal Sand Baghira” and Belinda to “Ole aus dem Schneckenhaus”. With offspring out of those matings I continued on with e.g. “Corry” and “Cody” as well as “Isabohe” and “Indy”.

In October 1993 my husband fulfilled my long-felt wish to also get a Standard Poodle girl and “Fayana le Papillon” joined us. Once again my choice of colour was apricot.

My aspiration is to breed elegant, beautiful and healthy Poodles in both sizes – very special Poodles – with charm and charisma. One should feel joy and excitement looking at them and watching them move.

I would like dog lovers and insiders alike to recognize them as “Herbordsburger”.